Star Communication

High Production Value does not always mean Big Budgets.

Over a long tenure of producing top quality work for large agencies and blue chip clients, we can safely say that when you think Star Films, you think high quality, professionalism, experience, trust and loyalty to our clientele.

So besides for representing some of the top directors in the country, we are also aware of the ever changing landscapes within our industry and are venturing into the content arena which will facilitate the rapidly changing industry but also maintain the core values that we have built through Star.

Our flagship directors will still be pitching on the high end commercial projects but we are slowly building a stable of creative geniuses that we believe need to be good storytellers, clever visually directors and most importantly, they need to be able to think cost effectively and logistically. For this part of the company to work, we will throw a side the “bells and whistles” and focus on what is most important, “the image in front of camera”.

We currently have 4 directors that work in this area for us and are growing this stable constantly to make sure we nurture the best content directors, bloggers, photographers, editors and designers. Our experienced production team will manage the agency and client arrangements. When it comes to pitching the idea or presenting the final production, it will be handled creatively and professionally every time.  Where possible or required we would also love to come in early in on the project so we can help collaborate with the Agency Creative team to find solutions that benefit the ever challenging budgets and timelines.


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