Wim Steytler
Wim Steytler

Winner of the Cannes Lions Young Director Award.

Wim kicked off his directing career winning a Cannes Lions Young Director Award and has since directed commercials across the globe from Asia to Europe. A lover of the underdog and the marginalised, Wim developed an edgy body of work that blurs the lines between narrative and documentary filmmaking. He won the Grand Prix at the Pendoring Awards in 2016 and premiered his latest short film at Clermont-Ferrand (France), the most prestigious short film festival in the world, in 2017. Wim is known for his cinematic and artful approach to capturing real moments and intimate performances, and has a talent for directing non-actors.

Avbob 'We're Here for You'
Spoko 'The Dumisani Story'
Redefine 'Tenant Therapy'
Better Bond 'Convenience'
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