Recognised in her field for her unique art style, Katzeff consistently delivers provoking work which incites conversations around lighting, emotion, process, and style.

Andréa Katzeff has managed to tap into the realm of current youth with a sense of timelessness. She’s inspired by westerns, that old school Americana feel and everything the 80’s had going for it but with a modern edge – not forgetting the current times we live in. She is a LOVER of fashion, coming from a fashion photography background and also happens to be a highly experienced athlete, be it skateboarding, rugby, cricket or even surfing. Her work is something one very rarely stumbles upon, making her stand out from the usual crowd. If you’re looking for something truly unique, deeply emotive, edgy, nuanced and timeless, Andréa is your woman.

Andrea’s Work.

Motor Happy 'Honde'

1Life 'Your Policy'

Hotel Hopefield

Betway NBA'